December 18, 2017

US Olympic Medalist, Alexandra Raisman Shares Her Good & Bad Experiences In Belize

Two time Olympic Medalist, Alexandra Raisman who was the captain and part of the Final Five U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnasts in the recent 2016 Olympics was in Belize this past weekend where she shared some good and some not-so-good experiences that she had on her official Twitter page.

According to Raisman, she was staying at the Kanantik Resort in the Stann Creek District where she enjoyed a wonderful little vacation and even got the opportunity to take a day trip to see some of the local Maya Ruins.

Unfortunately, her day was ruined when she was having breakfast with her dad and one of the staff members of the restaurant asked if she and her father were on their honeymoon.

Of course we understand that could have been an honest mistake but according to Raisman, the staff member continued on asking her how much weight did she gain since she competed in the Olympics.

It is unknown if the restaurant where they ate breakfast was part of the Kanantik Resort or not as Alexandra did not share the name of the restaurant it happened at but the staff of the said restaurant definitely needs to be trained better in dealing with guests especially famous ones who can influence fans whether or not they should visit our beloved country.

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