December 18, 2017

US Embassy Revokes Minister Castro’s Diplomatic Visa

On Tuesday, May 30th, the Minister of Transport, Edmond Castro released a statement claiming the US Embassy in Belize notified him that his Diplomatic Visa was revoked and he was not told why but he believes it is due to him vouching for people he did not know to help them apply for US Visas and that he did so for free because he is that type of person, he helps who he can.

Castro ended his release stating that the US Embassy invited him to go in and discuss the instatement of a new US Visa but he has no intention in doing so as he has no need to travel to the USA.

But according to sources within the US Embassy in Belize, the real reason behind revoking his Diplomatic Visa was because during a testimony to the Senate Select Special Committee during the Investigation into the Immigration Scandal, one Alvorine Burgess testified that she was paying Castro $2,000 per visa recommendation to people he did not know.

It is believed that he collected over $400,000 in payment for visa recommendations.

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