February 19, 2018

Trio Charged For The Trio That Got Injured In Trio Village

As if it wasn’t confusing enough reporting about the Trio that were found suffering from cut and chop wounds in Trio Village on Sunday night.

Today, Toledo Police arrested and charged a trio for the violent crime which ended with one victim succumbing to his injuries.

The trio have been identified as 23-year-old, Sabanito Cal of Trio Village, 20-year-old, Arnoldo Xol of San Marcos Village and the third person charged is a minor from Trio Village.

According to Toledo Police, all three suspects were charged for the crime of murder.

The minor’s father is reported to have been present during the court case.

There is also word from the Toledo Police Department that a fourth suspect is yet to be charged, he is currently being held at the Southern Regional Hospital and is under Police guard.

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