February 19, 2018

Sinquest Martinez Is The New Officer In Charge Of The Corozal Police

The Corozal Police Station has a new officer in charge, meet Superintendent Sinquest Martinez, former staff officer of the National Crime Investigation Branch and Major Crimes Unit and with 31-years of experience, 17 of the 31 as an investigator, under his belt, he may just be what Corozal needs after this recent burst of crimes and murders.

Superintendent Martinez has made an official press release to the media stating that he plans on sharing his experience with his fellow brothers and sisters in the Corozal Police Department and will immediately begin to bring back peace and tranquility to the Corozal District.

Welcome to Corozal District, Sinquest Martinez and we hope to receive many future press releases about past crimes being solved and many less of future crimes happening in the Corozal District.

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