January 19, 2018

Richie Quan Wins UDP Convention For Municipal Elections

The United Democratic Party held its convention in Corozal to select a team to represent the party in the March 2018 Municipal elections. During a spirited election process a total of 10 candidates placed their names on the ballot with the expectation of winning a position as a councilor candidate. Meanwhile 2 persons placed their names for the mayoral position.

Voting started at 10 and after 1,661 persons had cast their ballots the winners were declared.

Shortly after 6pm it was clear that Richard Quan had bested his opponent Rafael Castillo. Quan had received 1,274 votes while Castillo received 375. It would be about a half hour later that the results for the councilors would be known and in the end it was Melhem Williams who received the highest votes with 1,142; Nonita Ramirez received 1,012; Benjamin Acosta got 1,008; Carlos Acosta Sr. received 962; Rodolfo Riveroll got 920 and Juliet Marokin received 833. These are the candidates who will now represent the UDP in the upcoming elections.

Unsuccessful candidates were Guillermo Arana who received 794 votes; Estevan Cruz 767; Tarah Shah 653; and Austin Pate got 469.

At the completion of the result announcement the candidates were sworn in and notably defeated mayoral candidate Rafael Castillo pledged that he would work tirelessly to secure a victory for the UDP in a united fashion. For his part Quan stated that the UDP is sure to win the upcoming elections as the work of the party in municipal development will continue.

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