January 19, 2018

Police Officers Gun Down Unarmed Chunox Resident

Residents of Chunox Village are up in arms after members of the Corozal Police Department gunned down one of their own on Friday evening and then fled the scene, leaving his corpse behind.

According to reports from various villagers, it happened at about 6:00 PM when Police assistance was requested by the owner of a home after multiple requests were made for the male living there to move out.

Details are not 100% clear but it seems that an argument ensued between the Police Officers and the male which shortly resulted with Corozal Police firing multiple shots towards the male.

A few stray bullets were reported to have hit neighboring residents homes and vehicles.

Neighbors claim that this was an unnecessary use of their weapons as the male, known to neighbors as “Richard” did not have any weapon and did not pose any threat to the Police Officers.

The worst part of it all is that after they gunned down Richard, the police then got back into their vehicle and fled the area leaving the corpse of the man laying on the ground.

Chunox Residents claim that up to the morning of Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 9:00 AM the corpse of Richard still remains right where he was gunned down.

Many attempts were made to request that the Corozal Police come back out to remove the body but they have all been denied.

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