February 19, 2018

Police Officer Caught Disposing Of Evidence In Pending Case

A Police Corporal attached to the Corozal Police Station reported to his superiors that on Thursday, August 10th at around 4:30 AM he placed in the refrigerator a urine sample obtained from a male resident of Corozal Town who was being charged for an alcohol related offence.

When the Police Corporal went to collect the sample later in the day, the urine sample was no longer in the refrigerator.

Investigation into the matter revealed that Police Constable, Ismael Monima, also attached to the Corozal Town Police Station was seen entering and exiting the area along with the sample of urine.

Police Constable, Ismael Monima has since been charged with Preventing the Course of Justice and will be appearing in the Corozal Town Magistrate Court on Monday, August 14th to face disciplinary actions.

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