December 18, 2017

Placencia Businessman Attacks Casino Employees

Stann Creek Police Officers report that on Wednesday, February 1st they were called out to the Casino Beachfront located at the Placencia Hotel and Residence, near the Placencia Peninsula on reports of an Asian male who was firing his gun outside after he was denied entry into the casino.

Police Officers arrived on scene where they found and subdued the Asian Male who was still standing outside of the Casino.

He was later identified as 59-year-old Canlin Su, Businessman of the Maya Beach Area of Placencia.

According to employees of the Casino, Su was the only customer at the time inside of the Casino when he suddenly got angry at some of the Casino Employees and threw a cup of hot coffee at them before walking out.

He then returned shortly after but was unable to gain access to the Casino as the staff had locked the doors, that is when he began banging on the doors and when no one opened them up for him he pulled out his firearm and began to fire a few rounds into the air.

Police have since confiscated his licensed 9mm Pistol and have detained Su who is currently awaiting charges.

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