February 19, 2018

Morales Bus Attempts To Run Valencia Bus Off The Road For Taking Their Passengers

The following is a submitted story sent in to us by a concerned citizen who claims to have been a passenger on the Valencia Bus when this incident happened.

This morning I was waiting for the Morales Bus at 2:45 AM along with my son at the Bus Terminal in Corozal Town.

The bus driver was late so we moved off way later than we were supposed to and while on 7th Avenue near Lan’s Store the Morales Bus began to malfunction and broke down on the spot.

The driver of the bus then asked us all to step down from the bus while he attempted to see what was wrong with it.

After a few minutes of the driver not being able to start the bus back up, we noticed that a Valencia Bus was just leaving the Corozal Bus Terminal and heading towards us so we flagged down the bus which stopped for us, we got on board and left.

Upon reaching near the home of the owner of the Morales Bus Line in Concepcion Village, a Morales bus that was parked on the side of the street immediately drove up next to the moving Valencia Bus and rammed right into the side of the bus.

In fear that the passengers of the bus might have gotten injured the driver of the Valencia Bus immediately pulled over.

After ensuring the passengers on the Valencia Bus were fine, the driver and conductor exited the bus to see what had happened with the driver of the Morales Bus.

At this point we all observed three men getting off of the Morales Bus that parked near by, one of them being the owner of the bus company.

A few of us then got out of the bus as well to see what was happening and this is when we saw the men from the Morales bus attacking the driver and conductor of the Valencia Bus.

I confronted the three men and told them that my son was on the side of the bus where they crashed into and right next to the window, I told them that they need to be careful as he could have gotten hurt.

This is when I heard the owner of the Morales Bus Line say that the Valencia Bus stole his customers and they would not stand for that.

Morales’ and his two men also had a strong odour of alcohol as if they were drinking all night.

After a bit of arguing, pushing and shoving we managed to get back onto the Valencia Bus along with the driver and conductor and made our way but this is some very serious stuff happening.

Someone needs to do something about the Morales Bus Line and its owner as they could have seriously injured the passengers of the bus.

We have not been able to get in contact with Morales Bus Line but we did get in contact with the Valencia Bus Line and they confirmed that the driver and conductor of the early morning bus did call them and notify them of what had happened.

They also claim that this is not the first time that such a thing has happened between them and the Morales Bus Line and that they have reported it many times to the Department of Transport but up until now they have not done anything about it or even attempted to investigate into the situation.

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