December 18, 2017

Minister Hugo Patt’s Brother Busted With Mexican Contraband

The Corozal Police have released a statement claiming that on Tuesday, November 21st, they were called in to assist Customs Officers as a Contraband Bust involving Edgar Patt, brother of Corozal North’s Area Representative / Current Minister of Labor, Hugo Patt, had gone wrong when villagers from Patchakan began attacking the Customs Officers.

According to the statement, Customs Officers were conducting a check point near Patchakan Village at a well known illegal crossing area between Belize and Mexico known as Estero when they came across a white vehicle who immediately sped up when seeing the Customs Officers.

The vehicle is reported to have lost control while fleeing from the Customs Check Point and crashed into a lamp post.

As the Customs Officers arrived at the scene they found, Edgar Patt attempting to unload and hide the contraband he was carrying in a nearby Cane Field.

As Customs Officers detained Patt and began loading the contraband into their vehicle, some villagers from Patchakan arrived and began to throw stones at them.

This is when the Customs Officers requested immediate assistance from the Corozal Police Department to help defuse the situation.

Edgar Patt was reported to have been caught with 25 cases of contraband beer.

He was arraigned in court where he pleaded not guilty and was given a bail of $6,000.

Customs Officers involved in the case are said to be pursuing charges against the Villagers from Patchakan for Obstruction of Justice.

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