February 19, 2018

Man Found Drowned Near St. Francis Xavier Primary School

The Corozal Police report that a body was found this morning floating in the sea in front of the St. Francis Xavier Primary School in Corozal Town.

According to the Police Officers, the unidentified male was found wearing a short black pants and the rest of his clothes was laying on the little dock located between Xavier and Methodist Primary Schools.

The male was observed to have a head wound which leads Police Officers to believe he dove into the water head first and crashed into a rock which may have knocked him out or left him in a distorted enough state to drown.

The name of the male is not known at this time but we have been told that he was seen quite often hanging out with the “red top” drunkards who are seen on a daily basis hanging out in the Corozal Central Park located just on the other side of the St. Francis Xavier Primary School.

The drowned male has been identified as 40-year-old, Anthony Pasos of Santa Rita.

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