February 19, 2018

Inauguration Held For New Pre School & Additional Class Rooms At Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of GuadalupeAn Official Ceremony was held this morning in Altamira Village, Corozal Town, Wednesday, November 22nd, to inaugurate Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary R.C. School’s newest Building Extension.

Also part of the inauguration ceremony was the presentation of the new Pre School building also located on the compound of Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary R.C. School.

These two new buildings is as a result of the Government of Belize recognizing the critical role of education for social, economic, cultural, environmental and political development, by way of empowering future leaders with knowledge, skills, and values to enhance Belize’s socio-economic development.

The Government has funded the completion of the Extension project and the Pre School building was funded courtesy of a grant of $1.2 million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Basic Needs Trust Fund, BNTF7’s Education & Human Resource Development Sector with counterpart funding from the Government.

The School project is aimed at increasing access, and providing enhanced quality education for students in a more conducive learning environment in the Northern District.

The project will also enable the school to address the increasing demand of enrolment and over-crowding.

The scope of works for the primary school include but is not limited to the completion of three classrooms, conference room, male and female lavatories for students and teachers, the rehabilitation of fence for security measures, and the construction of a reinforced concrete Pre-school building.

Additionally, teachers and parents were trained in multiple disciplines in early childhood education which are of critical significance in relation to capacity building under the Human Resource Development sector.

The completion of the school’s project will also benefit surrounding communities since both buildings can serve as hurricane shelters.

The Social Investment Fund is an implementing agency of the Government of Belize, and in this context, collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports in implementing this school project as part of its mandate to work in line with the Government’s strategy to address the basic needs of Belizeans in the area of education, water, sanitation, health, human development and social transformation.


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