December 18, 2017

Huan Huan Supermarket Gets Robbed

Corozal Police report that on Sunday, September 24th at around 3:15 PM, the Huan Huan Supermarket, located on College Road in Corozal Town, was robbed by two men.

The owner of the establishment, 46-year-old, Meinyan Wu, was behind the counter when two masked men wearing dark clothing entered the store.

One of them ran up to Wu, held her down and tied her up meanwhile the second male stayed at the entrance keeping a look out for anyone who may witness the situation and call the police.

After tying Wu up, the men took $2,200 in cash from the cash register as well as two cellphones before making good their escape on bicycles.

Meinvan Wu claims the male who tied her up had a knife while the male who was on lookout duty had a gun.

Police are currently investigating into the matter.

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