January 19, 2018

Guatemalan President’s Son And Brother Arrested For Tax Fraud

Jimmy Morales, President of GuatemalaGuatemalan Authorities have arrested the brother and son of current Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales.

According to the authorities, a Guatemalan judge ordered the detention of both men on Thursday, January 19th for committing tax fraud.

Both men are suspected to have submitted $23,000 worth of false receipts.

Sammy Morales, the brother of President Jimmy Morales was arrested after a warrant was issued for him while Jose Manuel Morales, the son of President Jimmy Morales voluntarily turned himself in.

Guatemalan Authorities also stated that one more man is being sought in connection, he is believed to be the father of Jose Manuel Morales’ ex girlfriend and will be charged for committing tax fraud and for money laundering.

In a statement released by the President of Guatemala on the case he claimed that everyone must abide by the law and everyone who breaks it must face the consequences including his own brother and son.

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