February 19, 2018

Gruesome Murder Reported In Bella Vista Village

Police Officers attached to the Independence Police Precinct report that on Sunday, May 28th at around 7:45 PM they received reports of a dead body found on the side of the highway in Bella Vista Village in the Toledo District.

They immediately headed out to a site between Miles 45 and 46 on the Southern Highway where they found the body of 21-year-old Armando Alvarenga of an address in Trio Village.

Alvarenga was laying in some bushes on the side of the highway with his head partially decapitated and was also observed to have a gunshot wound to the center of his chest and one to his upper right shoulder.

He was also observed to have what appeared to be chop wounds to the back of both shoulders.

While investigating the scene, Police Officers found a damaged bicycle, one machete and two expended shells of a 9mm pistol.

Police are investigating into the matter.

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