February 19, 2018

Fisheries Department Reminds Everyone About Regulations On Caught Lobsters

The official 2017 Lobster season kicked off on June 15th and goes up until February 14th, 2018 but just because you are allowed to catch lobsters during this 8 month open season, the Fisheries Department would like to remind all fishermen / anyone buying or selling lobsters about the regulations that must be adhered to.

  • No person shall take from the waters of Belize, buy, sell or have in their possession, any lobster weighing less than four ounces.
    • Except for purposes of aquaculture which requires a special permit from the Department.
  • No person should have in possession any lobster that has eggs or spawn or has had them removed.
  • No lobster should be caught that is moulting or has a soft shell.
  • No person should be in possession of fillet or diced lobster meat unless they have a special permit issued by the Fisheries Department.

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