January 19, 2018

Fayuqueros Block Off Mexican Border During Protest

The Mexican smugglers who are better known as the Fayuqueros, who were recently denied access to the Commercial Duty-Free Zone when Mexican and Belizean Authorities blocked off access to the bridge at the old Mexican Border earlier this week decided to show their discontent of how they are being treated by holding a protest.

The protest was done by blocking off access to the new Mexican Border for a couple of hours on the afternoon of Sunday, May 14th which stopped Mexicans from crossing the border to gain access to the Casinos and the Commercial Duty-Free Zone while Belizeans who had gone across the border to Chetumal to spend the day were stuck on the Mexican side for a couple of hours.

The group of Fayuqueros who called themselves “Los Hormiguitas” which is Spanish for “The Ants” claim that as long as the Authorities keep getting in their way and try stopping them from bringing stuff out of the Free Zone they will continue to get in the way of Mexicans and Belizeans trying to drive across the new Mexican Border.


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