February 19, 2018

Dead Guest Found In Ramada Princess Hotel Room

Sources within the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino have informed us that the male victim who was found dead in the hotel room was David Doehm, better known as the step-father to Faye Lin Cannon, who was reportedly abused and killed by both her step-father and blood related mother Anke Doehm.

We are told that David was found laying dead on the floor of his hotel room with a bag over his head.

There is no word on whether Anke Doehm was with him or if they even know where she is at the moment.

Sources within the Belize City Police Station have informed us that the dead body of a male was found in

one of the hotel rooms at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City.

The identity has not been confirmed yet.

More info as we receive the official report.

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