February 19, 2018

Corozal Mayor Says He Will Not Seek Re-Election


In an interview held between the 4-term Mayor of Corozal Town, Hilberto Campos, and our colleagues at Channel 5 News, Campos has stated that he will not be seeking a 5th term as Mayor.


Mayor Hilberto Campos:

I’m not contesting the elections. I have been the mayor for the last twelve years. I think that I could have comfortably run again and win. I have served my people well. I think that it is time that it is time to give another leader a break to bring new ideas to Corozal and to continue the development. I’m full of energy and I am willing to serve in another capacity. That’s about it.

I think four terms is good enough for me. Again, I am full of energy, but I told you I am willing to serve in another capacity. It is not just mayorship that you can serve your people. I’m willing to serve in any capacity in my community. Comfortably I would have won again, but there is no need for that. Give somebody else a chance to bring new ideas; to refresh the whole thing.

Even though Campos has chosen to not seek another re-election, rumors spreading amongst the politicians is that he will either be aiming at an Area Representative’s spot or possibly be elected as the new CEO to the Commercial Duty Free Zone at the Northern Border after the last CEO, Valentino Blanco was forcedly removed due to too many complains about theft and corruption from Businesses in the Duty Free Zone.

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