January 19, 2018

Cayo Taxi Driver Claims Guatemalan Duo Tried To Rob Him, Police Refuse To Do Anything

A taxi driver from Bullet Tree Village went through a horrible ordeal last week Wednesday.

According to the taxi driver, around 9:00 PM last week Wednesday, two men chartered him from San Ignacio to Bullet Tree Village.

When he arrived, they told him that they would stop by the Community Center.

The driver stopped the vehicle and the men then proceeded to attack him.

The taxi man believes that the men intended to steal the car and drive it to Guatemala.

While the taxi driver tried to defend himself against the Guatemalan men, a vehicle was seen approaching which spooked the men who ran off.

Fearful for his life, the taxi driver went to the Bullet Tree Police Station to report the incident but claims that the police men only asked him if he recognized the assailants and after he told them that he did not recognize the men, they replied back that they cannot do anything about it.

According to the driver, the police did not even visit the area where the incident happened or even leave the station to attempt to search for the culprits.

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