February 19, 2018

Canadian Woman Arrested Three Years Later In Belize For Abducting Her Son

The Lethbridge Police say an Alberta woman who has been sought in the alleged abduction of her young son has been arrested in Belize.

Alberta Police had been searching for Robin Greenway Trockstad for three years since her ex-husband reported that she had fled the country with their 11-month-old son after the court had given him sole custody of their child.

Acting on information received that Robin and her son were moving back and forth between Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, the Lethbridge Police notified their counterparts in all three countries to keep an eye out.

In July, 2017 Lethbridge Police received a tip from the Belize Police Department that Robin was seen with her son living in the town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District.

She was formally arrested by members of the Belize Police Department and escorted by Air Marshals to Calgary where she was taken into custody on Wednesday, August 9th by Lethbridge Police.

According to the Police, her son remains in Belize in the care of Belize Human Services and arrangements are being made to reunite the child with his father.


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