January 19, 2018

Belize Police Department Revises Their Media Policy

The Belize Police Department has issued a statement claiming that as of now, no member of the Belize Police Formation is allowed to issue any Police Report or give any statement concerning any matter being investigated by the Police Department.

From now all matters shall be released by the Police Press Officer, Rafael Martinez who is in charge of the Public Relations Office.

They also claim that Police Officers will have full authority to deny any media outlet the right to film or photograph anything at a scene being investigated by Police.

Another claim in this new statement says that no longer will reports of accidents of any kind be issued unless asked for by the media.

According to the Belize Police Department, this is being done in order to better serve the community but will it really be better?

When we first started ¿Que Pasa Corozal? five-years ago it was because news outlets and even the Public Relations Office frequently ignored Corozal District and rarely released information on incidents that occurred within the District.

That was the whole point why we teamed up with local authorities to help keep the public informed but now that our local authorities can get in trouble for it we are forced to go back to hoping that the Public Relations Office decides to include Corozal in their press releases this time around.

It has been almost a week since we got in contact with the Public Relations Office requesting to receive press releases and they have yet to respond.

It will not stop us from keeping Corozaleños informed as we always have but it is so unprofessional for the Public Relations Office to ignore us because we only provide news via the internet, it was the most efficient way to get information out to people back when we first started and no television or radio station was paying attention to Corozal District and it continues to be the most efficient way to get information out.

Click here to read the entire revised Media Policy issued by the Belize Police Department

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