December 18, 2017

Barber Caught With 119 Grams Of Cannabis

cannabisThe Corozal Police report that on the night of Sunday, November 19th, 2017 they were conducting a mobile patrol on 7th Avenue in Corozal Town when they passed in front of a well known barber shop belonging to one, Curlin Samuel Thompson.

Curlin was reported to be standing outside of his business and upon seeing the Police Officers, he seemed to be very nervous which drawed suspicion to the Police Officers.

As a result, the Police Officers stopped and conducted a search on Curlin to which they found a black plastic bag containing 17 grams of cannabis.

A further search was conducted within his barber shop where Police Officers found two black plastic bags hidden within a microwave containing a total of 102 grams of marijuana.

Curlin Samuel Thompson was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking and Possession of a Controlled Drug.

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