February 19, 2018

Attempted Robbery Ends With One Robber Dead

Police Officers belonging to the Stann Creek Police Department report that on Sunday, July 30th at about 3:35 AM, they were called out to the Independence Polyclinic where they observed the motionless body of a male suffering from bullet wounds to the upper part of his back and the back of his head.

Upon further investigation into the matter, Police Officers discovered that at around 11:48 PM, Gerardo Coc, a security guard on duty at Pond #14 at the Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm was patrolling his designated area when he observed two men dressed in dark colored clothing walking up towards him wielding machetes.

In fear of his life, Coc raised his licensed 16-gauge shotgun and pointed it towards the men.

Upon seeing the shotgun, both men began to run away from the Security Guard but Coc managed to fire a shot towards the intruders and managed to hit one of them.

The robber immediately collapsed onto the ground and was later transported to the Independence Polyclinic for treatment however he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

As for the second robber, he managed to flee the area unharmed.

The Stann Creek Police claim that investigation into the matter revealed that the two men were planning to steal copper wire from the Shrimp Farm.

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