February 19, 2018

Another Couple Mysteriously Disappears In The North

Troy Ferguson reported to Corozal Police that at around 8:10 PM on Thursday, June 1st, his sister-in-law, 32-year-old, Zeida Orosco of San Andres Village, Corozal District left her home in her green in color Chevy Prism heading to Matchie’s Pool Hall, located on 2nd Street North, Corozal Town.

According to Ferguson, Orosco was delivering some food to her boyfriend, 41-year-old, Baltazar Lopez of a Ranchito Address in Corozal District.

Ferguson claims he has not seen or heard from his sister-in-law since that night and originally thought she was just occupied with her boyfriend but neither of them have been seen nor answer their phones.

Things then went from bad to worst when on Saturday evening, when Corozal Police were called out to a cane field just a bit south-west of Patchakan Village where they discovered Orosco’s car on fire.

The car was reported to have been completely destroyed by the fire but no bodies were found inside meaning that Orosco and her boyfriend Lopez are still missing.

According to the Corozal Police the couple were last seen together on Thursday night at around 9:30 PM on the beach side near Corozo Blues on the South End of Corozal Town.


Police continue to investigate into the matter.

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