February 19, 2018

Andy Rhaburn: Wanted By Police For Killing His Mother

andy rhaburn

Orange Walk Police are currently on the look out for 26-year-old, Andy Rhaburn, who is reported to have struck his mother and a neighbor with a crowbar this morning in Carmelita Village.

According to the official report from the Orange Walk Police, one Braulia Pech (also known to friends and family as Sara Rhayburn), 53-year-old, Belizean Domestic, was found under a tree in her yard, bleeding profusely.

When family members found her, she claimed that at around 8:15 AM, she was under the tree when her son, Andy, struck her on the head with a crowbar and then fled the area.

Braulia Pech was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where she succumbed to her injury at around 10:00 AM.

Police also report that just shortly after Andy struck his mother and left the area, he struck his neighbor, 43-year-old, Lilia Xulur, on the head with the crowbar and continued fleeing the area.

Lilia was also transported the Northern Regional Hospital and is in stable condition.

Police are currently seeking Andy Rhaburn for the murder of his mother and for attacking his neighbor.

If you see him, you are asked to call your local police station.

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