February 19, 2018

Andy Rhaburn Charged For Attempted Murder Of Neighbor

andy rhaburnAlmost a month after 26-year-old Andy Rhaburn murdered his mother, Braulia Pech, 53, by bashing her head in with a crowbar, he has been charged but  for a different offence.

Rhaburn, who had been recovering at the Northern Regional Hospital from a gunshot wound sustained during his police capture, faced charges on Monday, February 12th, 2018 for the attempted murder of his neighbor, Lilia Xujur.

Rhaburn had attacked Xujur shortly after attacking his mother, also using a crowbar.

He was additionally charged with use of deadly means of harm for that incident.

Andy Rhaburn has yet to be charged with his mother’s death.

According to Police, they intend to bring charges against him for that incident at a later date.

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