February 24, 2018

15 Year Old Attacks Male For No Reason Whatsoever

Stann Creek Police claim that on 30-year-old, Manuel Sho of Red Bank Village in Stann Creek reported to them that on Monday, May 22nd at about 2:48 PM he was sitting at a picnic table near the village’s Primary School, minding his own business when a 15-year-old  student approached him and inflicted a chop wound to the left side of his neck using a machete.

Sho claims that he did not have any altercations with the 15-year-old, he claimed to have never even spoken to him and did not even know who he was.

Manuel Sho was transported to the Independence Poly Clinic and was later transferred to the Southern Regional Hospital for further treatment.

The 15-year-old has been detained and is pending charges while Police investigate into the matter.

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