February 19, 2018

12 Year Old Detained For Armed Robbery

A 21-year-old driver for Zeta Purified Water in Belize City reported to Belize City Police that at lunch time yesterday, Wednesday, May 17th, while driving his delivery truck on Mahogany Street along with his coworker, he made a stop at the corner of Western Avenue and Mahogany Street where his coworker got out to purchase some fruits from a near by vegetable stand.

The driver reported that while he was seated in the vehicle waiting on his coworker, he was approached by two men of dark skin complexion who boarded the truck.

One of the men then pointed a gun at the driver while the other began to search inside of the cabin of the delivery truck.

The said robber then searched the driver and found his mobile phone which he took with him along with $150.00 which was inside a knapsack that was inside of the delivery truck.

The men then dismounted from the truck and fled the area by foot.

Police immediately investigated into the matter and have since detained a 12-year-old student pending investigations.

More info as we receive it.

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