Officer In Charge Of Corozal Police Speaks Out On Jane Doe

policeThe Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez speaks out about the unknown woman who was found in the Quintal Lagoon.

 Anyone with information that could assist police in solving this latest crime is asked to contact the nearest police station or call 911.

The victim’s body was buried at the cemetery in the village of Chan Chen yesterday morning.

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Community Restore Belize Notice

restore_belizeTo all Principals, Teachers, and concerned parents of High Schools, Primary and Pre-schools.

Our Dear friends, you all are cordially invited to the Grand Launching of the Counseling Certificate Course, intended for all of us.

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Decomposed Body Found In Quintal Lagoon!

breaking newsThe decomposed body of a woman was recovered from the Quintal Lagoon in the Corozal district this afternoon.

The name of the woman has not yet been determined.

Reports say that a motorist who was on his way to Patchakan village smelled a foul odor and when he looked out of the window of his vehicle he saw the body in the lagoon which is about a mile from Chan Chen Village.

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Patricia Nichiporowich’s Partner Speaks Out!

CBC News Vancouver at 6 - Widower warns after Belize murderIn October 2013 Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich was found murdered in her home located in Consejo Shores, Corozal District, Belize.

Six months have passed and no one has been charged for the crime.

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Three Wanted Criminals Get Caught Over The Weekend!

policeThe Special Operations Unit resulted in the apprehension of a 17 year old minor in Libertad Village who was wanted for an armed robbery committed in Orange Walk District.

He was handed over to the Orange Walk Police and has been arrested and charged.

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